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Photographer for more than 30 years!

Founded in Casale sul Sile in 1991, we at Studio Nova continue to innovate and dazzle through images.

From still life to on location, our love for the art of photography remains steadfast.

As technology advances, we have the ability to improve and enhance existing services such as photorealistic rendering, 3D animations, 360° projects as well as being capable of producing movies and commercials in 4K.

Each project we develop is unique because it is tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer.

The use of light to bring out every minute detail is one of our core values, which also include excellence, professionalism, and consideration.

Studio Nova is proud to recount how the company has adapted and moulded to respond to customer and market demands. This has allowed us to create strong relationships with our customers while enhancing our own image.

Industrial Photography
In our photoshoots we use digital backs, new technologies, and the careful study of light to capture all the nuances and features of a product. We cover all types of shoots, ranging from still life, advertising, and food, to clothing, sports and steel manufacturing.
We produce industrial, and editorial videos as well as emotionally driven ads. Using the customer’s concept storyboard, we create the video and audio with our equipment, then edit both in-house. Additionally, thanks to new 3D software, we are able to create computer graphics movies and videos.
360° Still Photography
Here photographed objects rotate 360° on their X axes via automatic or manual interaction. Services of this type are typically used in the web, e-commerce, and social media channels, and allow the consumer to view every detail of the product.
Shooting on location
Our specialized equipment means we can cover any type of outdoor shoot. Drones for aerial photos and video shoots offer an alternative perspective, one that traditional photography cannot compete with in the domain of architecture and industrial design.
Post Production
All phases of post-production are managed internally. This includes photo editing, creative processing, and color corrections using specialized software. We provide CMYK file conversion, as well as FOGRA-certified proofs of printing.
Render 3D
Thanks to our cutting-edge software, we create CAD-drawn products or add photographic images to virtual environments by exploiting photorealistic lighting.
Studio Nova offers fantastic aerial video and photo services. Our professional Enac-certified staff pilot, is qualified to fly drones even in the most challenging indoor and outdoor settings.
With our high-resolution images and 4K movies, we provide you with unique and thrilling documentation of industrial and business environments. Our products range from corporate and sports videos to fashion videos and much more!
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